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Perfect Pantry


The right storage containers can make all the difference in pantry organization. Clever storage solutions are essential for creating a functional, yet beautiful space. It’s easy to maintain an organized pantry when there’s a place for everything!

  • Use clear bins, like our Fridge & Freezer Bins, so you can always see what you have; and store similar items together so you instantly know what you need.
  • Store dry foods—like baking goods, cereal, and pasta—in Clever Fresh Vacuum-Seal Canisters. These stackable canisters maximize space while keeping food fresh and visible.
  • Available in three sizes, the Stack ‘Em Up baskets let you make use of often-unused floor space and are perfect for storing onions, potatoes, and other non-refrigerated produce.
  • The Shelf Help, available in two sizes, not only lets you create an extra pantry shelf, it’s perfect for storing bread.
  • Create an instant snack station on the back of your pantry door with the 24-pocket OTD Pantry Organizer.
  • Make use of that hard-to-reach space in the corners or back of a shelf with a Two-Tier Turntable. Access your smaller items, like spices, with a spin.
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